You Can Always Count On America to America (and also Billie Eilish nailed the “I’m the Mistress of the plantation” look)


  • Billie Eilish UNDERSTOOD the assignment!
  • History is being written. What part will you play?
  • These institutions exists on the backs on the people.
  • We owe them nothing. They owe us everything.
  • Read George Jackson’s “Blood in My Eye”

Billie out there looking like she has love affairs with field help but then says she was raped when her baby comes out brown skinned. Billie looks like she absolutely has a mammy who brushes her hair at night. Looking like she has a sister named Drizella and a house slave named Cinderella. Yall know Lady Tremaine was pissed when slavery was abolished.

What? She dressed like a Slaver’s daughter. That was her choice. I’m just pointing out the obvious. In case anyone missed it.

That said… back to America and its bull shit.

Imma just leave this here and hope folks really start seeing what is happening in right before our eyes.

Me and @weekendcoffeeguh tried to tell folks about that raggedy hoe America.

This convo was from episode 102 of Black Like VANiLLA. (Full video HERE )

Like Weekend Coffee Guh said, America likes to show its ass once a quarter (at minimum). You can set a clock to it. We are the rednecks of the world. Hold My Beer should replace “In God We Trust”.

This ain’t nothing but America Americaning. Like I told the homie, you would think they’d be tired by now.

Also, why do they hate women?

As a person who studies history, it’s easy to recognize when you’re living in it. In 20 years Netflix will have a documentary for this time of our lives.

What will your story be?

The people…?THE PEOPLE need to regain our power against the institutions used to control us financially, physically, and generationally.

Peep the conversation I had with a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL).

Whether it be the Met Gala or the Government, these people only exist in these spaces because of us.

We should be in control.

How much more do they have to take?

How many distractions of shiny objects before you realize you’ve been bled dry?

How long will it take to see that they are much more important in your lives than you are in theirs.

The theme of the Met Gala was the Gilded Age, representing the Industrial Revolution from 1870-1890, completely ignoring that the “Revolution” was possible due to slavery. Using 1870-90 was a convenient sidestep to facts.

We owe them nothing. They owe us everything. If you don’t know who they are then you’re not ready. Read “Blood In My Eye” by George Jackson.

You’re welcome.

*steps off soapbox*