“Queens of the Universe…Because Black Women Be Queens” – Sonia Sanchez

This International Women’s Day post is dedicated to the Queens of the Universe…the Black Woman, of course. The Alpha and the Omega. The Mother Civilization. We love you, Queens. ???

Queens of the Universe -1970
by: Sonia Sanchez
Showcased on Black Journal, Episode #28

We Black women have been called many things.
and recently Queens.

I would say that Black women have been a combination of all them words.
Because if we examine our past history at one time or another
We’ve had to be like them words be saying.

But today there are some roles we can discard.
There be some we must discard for our own survival.
For our own sanity.
For the contributions we must make to our emerging Black nations.

And what and how we must move to as the only Queens of this universe.
To sustain.
Keep our sanity in this insane,
messed up,
die (?) conscious,
pill taking,
miss and orientated (?) society gots to be dealt with.
Cause that’s us!
You all hear me?
Black women.
The only Queens of this universe.
Even though we be stepping unqueenly sometimes.
Like it ain’t easy being a queen in this unrighteous world.
Full of miss “ands”(?) and mr. “ands”(?).
But we steady trying.