I Am A Man

Why are Black deaths the only deaths that are allowed to go viral?

Why do people only record Black death and not physically help in preventing it?

Why do we get FULL access to multiple angles of our lynchings?

Why are the last words of our deceased made into slogans?

Why are Black lives not humanized until death?

I am a man.

Why does it take visually seeing our abuse and deaths in order for our cries to be take seriously?

Why is Black death a commodity?

Why do I have to ask “which time” when someone says his last words were “I can’t breathe”?

Why have whole lives of Black people been reduced to hashtags?

I am a man.

Why are we dying in quarantine?

Why is Karen’s lie of being threatened more powerful than the cries of a Black man screaming he can’t breathe?

Why is social media the new tree to openly display the lynching of Black people?

Why does the victim also have to come up with the solution?

Why are white people struggling existing in a society where true racial equity exists?

Why do white people think it’s appropriate to ask grieving Black people to be their token in explaining the hardships we face being Black in America so that they can understand it better?

Why is there more outrage over a Karen choking her dog while making false statement to the the police or to a Minnesota Target being looting than at the killing of Black people?

I am a man.

Why aren’t the police arrested when they commit a crime?

Why aren’t those who make false police reports charged?

Why can PSTD be genetically passed down to Black people but inherent racism, bigotry, and hatred isn’t being discussed in being passed down to white people?

Why are armed white protestors who are mad they can’t get a hair cut given space by law enforcement but the National Guard is called when unarmed Black people protesting our unlawful killings and we are tear-gassed and arrested?

Why can’t I stop thinking about all the Black lives lost over time because of the George Zimmermans, Karens, and racist  law enforcement practices, many whose murders went unnoticed?

Why is Black Trauma Porn a real thing?

Why do I have to ask to stop killing us?

Why do I have to tell you Black lives matter?

I am a man.

Please stop sharing images and videos of Black people getting killed.