I Ain’t The One Who Said It…But It Needed To Be Said!

I meant I ain’t say what’s in the tweets below. Imma talk my shit. Best believe!


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*in my best Kilmonger impression* “Is this your king?”

More details came out about Jay-Z partnership with the NFL…the “panacea” he was developing to bring social justice issues (notice how social justice is the new buzzword instead of black lives matter(the movement, not the org)? Stage one of watering down a movement is to change its name.) to the forefront because, as Jay Z stated, we are past kneeling, right? While one side applauded his seat at the very white table, the other gave a collective side-eye, trying to process why Jay thought we’d be cool with what looked like his selling us out at said table.

The details are as follows:

“The first program is Inspire Change apparel, a new clothing line that will be revealed later this year.

The second is Songs of the Season, a program that will highlight musicians, debut their new songs during NFL broadcasts, and put all proceeds towards Inspire Change. Meek Mill, Meghan Trainor and Rapsody are the first artists to be announced for this program, and will perform at the NFL Kickoff Experience in Chicago’s Grant Park on September 5.”

Are we still waiting for more details before we cast judgement? I’m ok if we are but….

Is Fam’s first stage of the plan to sell apparel and organize a concert for NFL Kickoff? Really? Followed by monthly songs?

Say Word.

And with Meghan Trainor? Cuz she’s definitely been extremely vocal in protesting against the injustices black people face in this country over the years. Some example of that can be found in…..her being chosen as a advocate by Jay-Z for Inspire Change. That’s all I got. This is also the same Meghan Trainor who said she had no interest in voting?

As for Raspsody and Meek Mill…this ain’t it, Fam.

But fine….I’ll be optimistic. I want y’all to be right. It is my hope that Jay-Z opens said concert with his best Tupac impression like… *clears throat*

Fuck Goodell
Fuck The NFL as a staff, league, and as a motherfuckin’ crew!
And if you wanna be down with The NFL, then fuck you too!

Because if he doesn’t do this, then I don’t want it.

Here’s the problem:. The league is worth billions. So why does any part of this plan include the 1% asking those angry with the league’s handling of the Take a Knee protest to create a reverse revenue stream where we are paying for programs to fight this issue. That’s like paying a bookie to fight against gambling addictions.

Make that make sense?

The owners are also worth billions. Hell, Jay-z is now reportedly worth a billy, so why would Jay expect us to come out our pockets? Because he’s not a businessman, he’s a business, man and that alone is why this shit makes perfect sense.

Listen I have no disparaging words for Shawn Corey Carter because he has never been shy about telling you exactly who he is. And imma leave it at that.

The league is more likely to make changes based on how Andrew Luck retired vs acknowledging the blatant disrespect of civility towards black people because… THEY. DONT. GIVE. A. FUCK. ABOUT. BLACK. PEOPLE. And now I’m looking at Jay, wondering the same thing. I’m mean, of course Jay cares about Black people. Just think he cares more about money.

This ain’t about Kaep getting picked up on a team anymore and anyone still focusing on that as an issue is misguided. That includes Kaep. If Kaep still wants to get picked up by a team, my hope is that it’s because he wants to deliver HIS best Tupac impression and spits the same shit I’m hoping Jay-Z does (yeah right) at his NFL Kickoff concert. This movement is bigger than one person. It’s dismantling an oppressive, racist system that affects all people of color but in particular black people.

And if you’re waiting for a 30 second ad played during the Super Bowl, with all the NFL owners standing together, holding candles…and hands of random black people, all formed in the shape of a football, telling you that they fuck don’t with black folks, ain’t never fucked with black folks, AND…they ain’t never ever fucked with your gums because they’re black too, then you’re most likely going to be the one who purchases apparel from Inspire Change, an organization that wants you to pay to help teach billionaire team owners how not to be racist. How sway? Never forget this or this.

If this is your bag, cool. Imma see that glass half full too, because the empty part is what this “initiative” represents and if you chose to continue to defend that, then by all means do.

Ps. In case you’re wondering…this is the same Inspire Change program the league rolled out earlier this year. That same one I saw slammed by the same people who are defending it now that Jay-Z is involved…which is exactly why the league wanted him involved in the first place. He got folks ready to tune in to the NFL Kickoff, after years of boycotting the league. Can’t knock the hustle of Jay or the NFL.

If this is “different” then its first iteration, please note any changes in the comments. I’m tryna see something.

As I’ve said earlier…I want you to be right. I really do. But in the meantime…#StillNotWatching cuz this ain’t it, Fam.