Dear Allies….

This post is for the non-Black allies. Especially for white people who align themselves as allies.

Allies, if you are truly allies, you will fight for us when we can barely fight for ourselves. We need you to make the calls, coordinate the boycotts and lead the protests within your own circles and networks. We need you to have those uncomfortable conversations about hidden bias and racism, what racial equity means and why it is important, why “Black Lives Matters” exists (the movement not the org), what “Defund the police” means, how America was built on the backs and blood of Black people, what institutional racism looks like and how it affects us, and calling out white privilege when it needs to be called out. And that is just a tip of the iceberg. 

And this call-to-action is in no way, shape, or form a request for you to lead us. We got this. We will never stop fighting for ourselves. We have the hearts of warriors, fueled by the blood of our ancestors.

However, we are running on zero fumes and could really appreciate a break. It’s one of those things where we want you move like the -g in ‘lasagna’. These moves aren’t for the ‘gram. These moves aren’t for likes or validation for being “woke”. We need you to work silently in order to amplify our voices. 

Black people have given so much to this country, its history, and its culture. We. Are. TIRED.

Please work whatever magic you think black people have and do the heavy lifting right now so that Black people can get a moment to catch our breaths, check in on ourselves, check in on each other, process, and heal.

This has been a loooooooong fight and 2020 has been aggressively callous.

We are exhausted.

We are tired.

We are angry.

We are overwhelmed.

We are numb.

You can’t imagine how exhausting is being Black in America EVERY SINGLE DAY. What that weight feels like. It’s crippling.

Black people are resilient.

We are innovative.

We are determined.

We are battle-tested.

We are resolved.

We are strong.

We are empowered.

We don’t get days off. America doesn’t allow it. But it would be nice to know that those who do are really doing their part. This requires sacrifice and discomfort on your end. You have to pick a side. There is no gray area. Either you are with us or against us. Your black friends are emotionally drained and have no patience for the fence riders. So what say you?