Flowervillain = MF Doom + Tyler the Creator

Apparently I am late to the party. In Fall of 2019, a remix album combining the Black musical genius of Tyler the Creator and MF Doom was released under the name Flowervillain.  This remix album, Flowervillain II, quietly dropped on September 29, 2019. On September 30th, Flowervillain released the Deflowered (EP), followed by Not Dead (EP) in January 2020, and The Swimming Bird (EP) in May 2020.  Since then, six new singles have been release and all of them slap in their own beautiful ways.

This post is for the music heads….

You’re welcome!

Earlier this year a number of tracks mashing up MF Doom raps with cuts from Tyler the Creator‘s ‘Flower Boy‘ album (and the guitar of Justice Der) appeared on Reddit, posted by the anonymous producer @anti_meridiem. The tracks have since been deleted but earlier this week they popped up on YouTube and Spotify and they’re well worth checking out.

MF Doom‘s earthy, lyrical flow fits perfectly with the tracks laid back summery vibes and had me briefly forgetting about the miserable winter weather outside earlier tonight.

-Slacker Shack

Awake is the most recent Flowervillain release. Enjoy!


Flowervillain’s 2019 Flowervillain II