To All the Healthcare Workers Around the World….

Thank you.

Nah, like fr fr…. thank you.

We underestimate how valuable you are.

We turn a blind eye to how vulnerable you are.

We ignore the sacrifices you make because our well-being is both of our priorities.

We forget the risks you face, working on the frontlines, to ensure we get the care needed.

We can’t comprehend the countless hours you spend awake, working, just for us.

We do not protect you enough

We don’t seem to realize how much we need you and I am afraid that it will be too late when we do.

We don’t say thank you enough.

To all those in the healthcare profession, all those working the frontlines during the beginning stages of this epidemic, whether it be a doctor, nurse, administrator, janitor, whomever…. we will not be here if it wasn’t for you. And it is shameful that it took a global pandemic for you to receive your flowers.

Click HERE for more about the real threat our healthcare workers are facing. This is not a drill. Our lives, and theirs, depend protecting them at all costs.


*Artwork by K. Swan, a 12 year old artist from Los Angeles, CA.*