Civil Rights

You Can Kill the Revolutionary But You Can’t Kill The Revolution? The Assassination of Fred Hampton and the Black Revolutionary Movement

Fifty years ago, on December 4th, 1969, one of the Black civil rights movement’s brightest, energetic and unapologetic voices was assassinated in a state-sanctioned hit. He was 21 years old. he was the Illinois Black Panther Party Chairman. He was Fred Hampton. Hampton, who had never been shy about speaking…

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Protect Ya Neck: The Case of Joan Little, The First Woman in US History Acquitted for Using Deadly Force to Resist Sexual Assault

In the era of Me Too, especially for black women whose cries are rarely heard, and especially when Black women are disappearing and/or being killed at an alarming rate, it’s important to know history…and the history of defending yourself as a women against sexual assault, being heard, and fighting against…

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